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You know i’m insecure about myself. And i know i’m not the only one. We all have insecurities, for some people is their appearance, for others is their character. And some people are insecure about these two at the same time. Some days can be really bad, when you just can’t stop crying for no…

Sometimes i'm just stupid


Sometimes I do/say stupid things because I don’t think before. I’ve tried to think more before taking a decision but i just can’t. I mean that I am who I am, I know that I’m not the only one that has this problem. Making mistakes is totally normal. But still I regret some things. I wish I could…

I want to grow and become MYSELF.

So right now I’m writing this text because I just feel really inspired. I love that feeling. I didn’t write anything all this time because I was in this really weird mood. I didn’t want to write.

So today I feel inspired about the topic of “Growing”. Not getting older. But growing You. I don’t really know how to explain it.

So right now I think that the reason why I was in that weird mood it’s because I just still didn’t find myself. I’m not complete. I don’t want to be the way I am right now, I want to grow and become MYSELF.

Now I want to tell you who I am.

I depend on the people that are around me. I’ve always tried to fit in my “group”. And when I say “fit in” it means that I became the “group”. I don’t say that it’s bad to fit in, of course you can fit in but only if you stay yourself. In my life I’ve changed a lot of schools and with that I’ve changed a lot of “groups”. A lot of them weren’t really good for me and they had a big influence on me. I was becoming mean and just a horrible person. Then when I really thought about me and how I was, the way I acted, I decided that the group I was in wasn’t for me. It wasn’t ME. So I became really good and close friends with two girls. They’ve changed me. I mean no they showed me who i am and who i can be. I CAN BE A BETTER PERSON. My friends are AMAZING. And thanks to them I did a big step to find myself. Now I’m going to high school and the first thing I will do is find good people to stay around me so I can stay ME.

I’ve also always been obsessed with boys. I always wanted to have their attention. How I’ve already said before in other posts: I don’t have any confidence. Now when i think about it, this need to have attention from boys comes from here. Well now I decide that I AM CONFIDENT! I don’t need to pay that much of attention to boys. They’re not the most important in my life. First I need to study, grow and find myself and a boy will come when the time will come.

There are a lot of other things that I can improve. That of course I WILL improve!

From now I have to pay more attention to what I am doing and what I like to do. That way I will try to find the best for me and then I will grow and become complete!